UHMWPE motorcycle collection

Motorcycle UHMWPE clothing

Motorcycle clothes stronger than steel, due to the UHMWPE fibers used in the clothing. The fiber was first invented to be used in space and has now become available as textiles for motorcycle clothing. 

We are using the fiber to design a range of motorcycle jackets and jeans to offer the best abrasion resistant properties available on the motorcycle market. The fiber outperforms Aramid fibers (such used in Kevlar) in abrasions tests and the UHMWPE is 14X stronger than steel while it is 8X lighter that steel (less dense).

CE level 2 protectors are included in the collection for the back, elbow, shoulder (jackets) and for the knees, hips (jeans). All protectors use Micro-lock technology that makes the protectors soft and bendable while they become hard and stiff in the moment of impact.

 Elbow shoulder knee protector MO'CYCLE UHMWPE collectionHip protector MO'CYCLE UHMWPE collectionBack protector MO'CYCLE UHMWPE collection

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