MO'CYCLE® invented the world's first Airbag jeans (patent pending) in 2019 because most injuries in a serious MC accident occurs to the lower body. As winners of the Smart X Europe funding call 2020, the airbag jeans were granted 150 000 Euro in funding to bring the product to the market. MO'CYCLE® has created an EU consortium that are currently developing the product for launch. Read more at www.AirbagJeans.com 
MO'CYCLE® developed the world's first motorcycle jeans (leather lined) in an collaboration with Harley-Davidson in 2005. The motorcycle jeans were launched in 2006 by Harley-Davidson's official stores in Sweden. The brand later replaced the leather lining with Kevlar lining and made motorcycle Kevlar jeans. Kevlar jeans only offer impact protection for the knees & hips so a new product needed to be developed. The airbag jeans were invented and offer airbag protection for a wide area of the lower body. Airbag protection works in a different way from traditional hard/soft shell protectors and is 8 times more effective in absorbing impact energy, this means superior protection for us riders.
The airbag jeans is the third step in the evolution of motorcycle jeans by MO'CYCLE®.
MO'CYCLE® is a trademark founded by Moses Shahrivar in 2005 and licensed by Airbag Inside Sweden AB, a Swedish airbag clothing company that designs and produces motorcycle airbag apparel for riders. 

Airbag jeans by MO'CYCLE®


This is the first prototype of the airbag jeans and we are currently developing the second version. The airbag jeans are developed by the Airbag consortium A.D.A.M consisting of MO'CYCLE®, Airbag Inside Sweden AB, Detecht Technologies AB, Avilar AB and Monlid Srl with backing from Smart Textiles (University of Borås). The Airbag consortium has recieved 150 000 Euro from the European Commission's program Smart X as a grant to develop the airbag jeans.

You can find more info on www.airbagjeans.com

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